About GameAntz

What is GameAntz

GameAntz is a newly conceptualized ecosystem joining crypto descentralized environment with a centralized MMORPG dApp allowing holders to trade in DEX/CEX and battle in private Missions for a prize in tokens (tradable in full once transferred back to wallet).

How is this possible?

Our APP is *initially built on the OverWolf API allowing our dapp, through each downloadable launcher, to create or join private missions in any of the supported games and keep track of certain in-game events through our connected own dapp. This simple ?

How does it work in detail?
  1. Users need to install any of the supported games. See “Games” section (more will be added regularly).
  2. Users will download our APP and connect to our dapp which runs on top of each of the supported games in a non-intrusive way (initially only Windows environment are supported).
  3. Connected wallets will be able to join a Mission (from all available) or create a Mission (using available options) with their own access conditions for others to join establishing an amount in GameAntz tokens to be diposited prior to being able to battle and allowing from 2 to 10 players to join (we will increase this as we scale up).
  4. Our DAPP will communicate with our APP and track all required to completion (RtC) in-game events for that given Mission.
  5. The user who wins will be able to perform a “CLAIM” of 85% of the total amount of GameAntz tokens diposited while 15% will be used by us as per our tokenomics like a regular market sell (3% marketing, 2% LP, 10% to cover Operational Costs) on top of the trading volumes at a given time. *Small gas fees applies when claiming.
  6. Gamers can continue to play their game even after the previously joined Mission has ended and they can use our APP icon (seamlessly running on top) to join existing missions or create new ones as they play.
Why do I need GameAntz Token

GameAntz Token is the only decentralized virtual currency that will allow to participate in the tournaments since we are to create not only buying/holding pressure but also bring many professional gamers into our project. In the near future, our own GANTZ SWAP will allow for other tokens to be accepted just this is not happening until GameAntz Token reaches a certain MCap.

*We do understand not everyone is good at online gaming and this is why we do not encourage battling with your tokens since many professional players will be joining our platform making it kind of “unfair” for non pro players. At any stage if you run out of tokens to play you can always go and purchase more GameAntz at market price to be able to join new missions again. Our team is also working in establishing different levels so that a fair system is created. Please, be wise when joining a Mission, you will be battling only against anonymous wallets and will never know who is actually behind even anti-cheat measures are in place.

I am not a good player so... How can I profit from just holding ANTZ?

Since only 1 player can win in every existing or created Mission the rest of players will always need more and more GameAntz Tokens to continue to battle or join/create new Missions. Those tokens will have to be purchased directly through Pancakeswap yet causing a continuous spike in price. The more players interacting with our platform the more tokens will be continuosly traded so, again, if you are not a good player we strongly suggest to kindly hodl and shill instead of battling with your tokens.

Antz Trading Tokenomics

*Small gas fees apply when trading through Pancakeswap and said fees experience variations attending to several conditions. We do not control those fees.

Supported Games

We are currently striving to launch our APP with full support for up to 8 games (*only Windows environments). However, we might release at an earlier stage at our discretion and always in the best interest of the project. Please be aware that every game features its own hardware requirements and those have nothing to do with the requirements of our Client APP.

We do perform several testings before moving forward with any new game integration as well as the missions to be included with each one of them. Should you like to review a full list of potential games to be included in our APP you can always visit Overwolf API by clicking here.

We proudly rely on

Full Utilities NFTS

All GameAntz NFTs are created attending to U.S. ARMY ranks. Some of those NFT will feature a guaranteed buy back feature in BNB whilst all of them will be stackable with staking multipliers of up to x5 and tradable in our marketplace or any other NFT marketplace we partner with. The guaranteed buy back is not dependant on the rarity or staking multiplier so you can mint a soldier with a buyback of up to 15 BNB. Here we offer a skeak peek to some of them. Good gaming!






FOG, our Adventure MMO P2E

Fate of Galandz, currently in development, represents a huge utility to our core Token (ANTZ) as well as our nfts. Our team strived to deliver an additional utility to ANTZ by incorporating this MMO in our ecosystem before releasing our Gaming Dapp.

In FOG players can interact and get involved in several quests for glory and GAX (the in-game virtual currency exchangeable for ANTZ at every bank of your home nation).

You will be able to learn more in our upcoming FOG section.