Fate of Galandz NFT P2E

Power to the Gamer!

We believe the reason many P2E projects tend to go south is simply because they are designed with the “earning” part as a target and definitely not focused in the “player experience”. In our aim to gather gamers and crypto enthusiasts together, FOG is designed with gamers and streamers in mind. 


You will be able to play with all four nations and get to try your NFTs in a privileged way. Fate of Galandz will run on Windows, MacOS and Android initially.

*(Yes, you can also play with your favourite Xbox GamePad or compatible device)

System Requierements

Win10+ / DirectX 11+ / 2Gb VRAM / 16Gb RAM / 700 HD / 3.3 GHz


System Requierements

Android 12+ / Kernel 5.x / 6Gb RAM / 400 Mb Storage


System Requierements

MacOS X 10.12.4+ / 16Gb RAM / 700 HD / Intel 3.3 GHz

*Even though our team strives to release any build 100% free of viruses its always suggested for anyone to take proper measures to protect from any software downloaded from the Internet. 

*Only download from official sources, we want you safe.

We are always available to ressolve any issue or concern in our Contact section or in our public channels. As always, make sure you are addressing to an official member of our staff.

Play FoG for FUN!

More about FOG

Fate of Galandz is our FREE-TO-PLAY P2E that brings real utilities to our $ANTZ token along with our wearable NFT WARRIORS. Players are able to win big not only during countless gameplay hours along our 44 scenarios but also to brawl in MMO Mode and battle for the top positions in leaderboard in order to win any of the WEEK/MONTH/YEAR prize wallets in BUSD.

Why do I need $ANTZ Tokens

Every in-game purchase or in-game minting in order to upgrade your character is to be carried out in $ANTZ as players need to convert them to our in-game currency in order to be able to proceed with the IAP. This said, bare in mind you can always sell your loots in our marketplace or any third party market we partner with in any other accepted currency.

I am not a good player so... How can I profit from just holding $ANTZ?

Since our BUSD wallets are continuously fed from buy/sell trading hence more $ANTZ Tokens are needed to complete missions, mint sellable in-game loots and battle for top positions in our leaderboard. Those tokens will be purchased market price yet causing a continuous spike. The more gamers interacting with our platform the more tokens will be continuosly traded.

*Our website is currently being updated. Stay tuned for a lot of info… Thanks for your support, we are Colony and we move as one!


Antz Trading Tokenomics

*Small gas fees apply when trading through Pancakeswap and said fees experience variations attending to several conditions. We do not control those fees.

Full Utilities NFTS

All GameAntz NFTs are created attending to U.S. ARMY ranks. Some of those NFT will feature a guaranteed buy back feature in BNB whilst all of them will be stackable with staking multipliers of up to x5 and tradable in our marketplace or any other NFT marketplace we partner with. The guaranteed buy back is not dependant on the rarity or staking multiplier so you can mint a soldier with a buyback of up to 15 BNB. Here we offer a skeak peek to some of them. Good gaming!






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