GameAntz NFT Buyback Mechanics

How do they work and how to claim?

Every one of our NFTs once minted can awarded with a guaranteed buyback of up to 15 BNBs.

As with the Staking Multiplier, said buyback is randomly assigned at the time of minting and can be seen in the traits of your nft in your wallets or in Account Tab in our dapp.

Buybacks, however, differ from the Staking Multiplier in the fact the contract doesn´t take into consideration the assigned rank of your nft. This means you can mint a Soldier (ONYX) with a 15 BNB Buyback prize or a General (DIAMOND) with 0.25 BNB buyback.

Any of our 4444 NFT available for minting could be awarded with this prize minters may or may not want to claim. Keep reading to know more about our BuyBacks.

Good luck!

How many Buybacks are there available?

We are giving more than 291 BNB back to community in buybacks. With this action we want to encourange our NFTs adoption, specially towards our P2E and Marketplace but also in regards to our upcoming Metaverse as they will have several usecases (even for future live events). The more we are the better.

Once you claim buyback and your nft is transfered to our collecting wallet and the prize (either in BNB or in ANTZ tokens) is sent to your wallet there is no way of reverting the process. We state this since, many would probably want to wait until a nice price floor is established in our Marketplace (many buyback awarded nfts are FOR SURE pure breed warriors) and try to sell it there. Many gamers will want to hold an NFT and they can reach really interesting prices due to this fact.

Decision on this is 100% up to minters. Buybacks have no claim time limit.

How to claim your awarded BuyBack?

We explain step by step how you can claim your Buyback.

*For ANTZ claims, we will always take into account the price at the time your email hit our mailbox.

We are always available to ressolve any issue or concern in our Contact section or in our public channels. As always, make sure you are addressing to an official member of our staff.