GameAntz NFT Staking Highlights

(This section is continuosly kept up to date in regards to our NFT Staking Utility)


Not every NFT project offers an inmediate utility for every minting. We do.

With GameAntz NFT you can start earning right away as we have a NFT Staking Dapp already in place offering a really nice APY compared to our Token Staking utility. 

Depending on the Rank obtained by your NFT different Staking Multipliers are also assigned in the blockchain as follows:



There are some simple rules you need to abide by before being able to stake your GameAntz NFT.

  1. Only one NFT is allowed to be staked per wallet (this prevents lucky or whale minters to drain rewards pool and ensures every Ant in the NFT sub-Colony to get a portion of the pie)
  2. In order to ease your staking and maximize your ROI our Dapp will pick your highest ranked NFT from your wallet automatically. 
  3. A minimum of 10 Billion Antz is required to be in wallet in order to stake and also when you harvest rewards. You can also stake those 10 Billion in the meanwhile in our Antz Staking Dapp.
  4. There is a Harvest Timelock period of seven days. This doesn´t mean that your NFT is to get locked for seven days as only the generated rewards are affected by this rule. In this way, if you unstake your NFT before the harvesting countdown finishes, you will not generate any more rewards but your already generated rewards will go to a special “reserve wallet” and will be airdropped to your wallet when your harvest countdown expires.


We do believe every NFT should offer additional value to minters yet paying attention to its uniqueness and without compromising the overall performance of an ecosystem. This said let’s get down to business…

How to Stake your nft and maximize rewards

A step by step guide