GameAntz Ecosystem Tokenomics

Usecases and Scope

The GameAntz Ecosystem is composed of several sub-systems each one with its own granularity and designed to evolve in a steady way for the many years to come.

In this section we’ve tried to cover all tokenomics in service (every variation will be properly announced in all of our channels and displayed in this section) in a reduced way so that our Colony can get a wide picture of the scope of our project.

Along our journey you will also realize that the team might take shortcuts or prioritize one sub-sytstem in front of others in order to accomodate the project to market conditions.

We are always at your service in our Contact section, our upcoming Support Tickets System and our official channels.

Enjoy the ride!

Antz Trading Tokenomics

*Small gas fees apply when trading through Pancakeswap and said fees experience variations attending to several conditions. We do not control those fees. 

*Eventually 1% reflection to holders on sells will also go to feed FOG Prize wallets. You will all be able to track said wallets funding in blockchain and game itself.

*Even though we will gradually tend to 0% trading taxes this 1% intended to fund FOG Prize wallets will stay in place in all buy/sell transactions.

*As the amount of tokens reserved for NFT staking utility are fully awarded (and this will happen) our transfer taxes will again go to 0% between wallets as MaxWallet and MaxTransaction are to be in place at all times de decentralized trading.

Antz Staking Tokenomics

This information applies when you stake tokens in our dapp. As with the trading small gas fees applies beyond our control.

As our ecosystem grows and our regular Staking APY is adjusted, additional pools will be created with an associated tokens lock according to APY. We will properly inform about this when the time comes.

GameAntz NFT Minting + NFT Staking

This information applies when you stake tokens in our dapp. As with the trading small gas fees applies beyond our control.

Fate of Galandz (FOG) MMOP2E Tokenomics

Even though we could consider FOG as an independent in-game economy it is well integrated in GameAntz Ecosystem.


All IAPs (in app purchases) in FOG are to be carried out in our native ANTZ token. This will continuosly help to keep a nice charting as trading fluctuations inevitably occur. As with our Core Gaming Dapp, any time profit is taken gamers fighting for the top leaderboard positions in order to win huge prize wallets will see an opportunity to get more ANTZ and improve their characters.

Gaming Dapp (Windows Client) Tokenomics

*Small gas fees apply when creating or joining a mission as well as to perform the “CLAIM” of pooled prize in tokens. We do not control those fees.


*GameAntz Poject is really huge as a whole and will continuosly expand. Some projected expansions you can expect to see are disclosed here. We will disclose its tokenomics and integration system as they are being consistently delivered.

*Our Metaverse will not only feature utilities to ANTZ or GameAntz NFTs… several loots you will get in our P2E and that you will surely say (WTF?¿) will have huuuuge usecases in Galandz Metaverse… Even though we might quickly accomodate and adjust to any situation our project is to face during the journey, you need to understand this is the project of our lives and we are here to make history while sharing this with our Colony.

Do you really think we are finished when we deliver our Metaverse? Warm LOL…

We will talk about our DAO Governance System then… avoid overinvesting so that you can truly enjoy this ride!