Welcome to the GameAntz NFTs section.

Here you will learn “almost” everything about our full of utilities NFT collection. How to mint them, how to stake them and, least but not last, how can they be used in our Play2Earn FOG.

Our exclusive ERC-1155 collection is proudly built on the Binance Chain and consists of 4444 unique wearable + tradeable + stakeable + playable set of nfts, each one with its own traits, weapons, in-game boosts, buybacks, nft staking multipliers and home nation.

As you will learn in this section, the home nation of your nft is really important as you can only have a max amount of 10 nfts in one wallet when you access our P2E and only the traits of your nfts belonging to the nation you choose to join will be taken into account by the game engine in order to boost your character.

Let’s move Antz…

*Note: Some additional nfts are being withheld from public minting as they are intended for giveaways, in-game puzzle solving prizes, exclusive partnerships with eSports clubs, streamers, gamers and other types of promotions. Said nfts are not counted by our Smart Contract to be awarded any buyback.

Lets get Physical…

Every GameAntz NFT features some physical traits, the ones that you can see at first sight right after minting in your Account Tab within our Dashboard. As we are a GameFi Project our nfts somehow recall an actual Gamepad (same as our project logo) even tho they are much more than that!

Lets see them all:

BACKGROUND: There are four different sizzling backgrounds, each of them defining a nation (Fire, Air, Water, Earth) and the main skin of your in-game character. We will explore this feature later on.

WEAPONS: Four different weapons can also be minted along with your nft and those will be worn by your in-game character.

RANK: Up to seven ranks can come out conferring different character’s in-game traits and boosts as well as actual nft staking multipliers in our NFT STAKING DAPP. The rank will also define the color of the antennas of your Ant Warrior.

UPPER AND LOWER SPHERES: Those are intended to set the color of the eyes and spikes of your character, but you will soon discover they are much more than that.

PAD: The pad is used to assign the color of your armor (attending also to awarded rank).

BUTTONS: The 4 buttons of your nft will set the mandibles material color for your in-game character.

 Lets explore this traits in deep..

Can’t wait to know more…?

The Nations

Our NFTs are assigned a random nation when they are minted. This nation defines the color of the background and is really important as the in-game boosts contained within the metadata are only in effect when you join said NFT nation. Is important to understand that every nft belonging to the same nation adds up in boost to your in-game character and it doesn´t matter whether you choose to play with a Soldier or a General as other players cannot know how many more nfts of the same nation are “backing up” your character. We will explore these boosts in detail later on.

You can only move to a different nation at respawns and also there are some IAP items that you can purchase in ANTZ when in Fate of Galandz that allow any player to be able to know their enemies “hidden” boosts before getting into a brawl.



The Fire Nation is known for its belligerent character. Its members deeply hate any rival warrior and are not given to establishing alliances.

Its power increases slightly in areas close to heat sources such as lava flows, deserts, volcanoes and any underworld setting.

They prefer to use attack weapons in both hands as their murderous nature makes them less inclined to guard their defense.

These are deadly warriors always ready to go into battle.

In more evolved stages their skin can burn on contact and they become difficult to kill with melee weapons.



The Water Nation possesses unique characteristics that give their warriors the ability to project themselves at their enemy and inflict considerable damage.

Their power increases slightly in areas close to water such as rivers, streams, lakes and waterfalls, they are especially vulnerable in areas of the underworld or near heat sources.

They can cast powerful attack and regeneration spells that affect all members of their nation in their area of action.

In more evolved stages, their skin and spikes glow in the dark and they take far less damage on each hit.



The Earth Nation is grim like no other. Its members have an amazing capacity for mimicry in areas with highly populated vegetation such as forests and jungles.

They are ruthless warriors in battle and when attacked in rocky areas they can cast attack spells using rocks from the ground.

They are especially dangerous in wooded areas and their true power is hard to guess even with the right tools.

They feature high defensive power in any situation.

In more evolved stages they can even make trees fight by their side.



The Air Nation is not very given to combat, although it is no less dangerous for that.

Their warriors are skilled assassins and, since their skin is semi-transparent, they have a few seconds of invisibility in any areas that can allow them to go unnoticed near the enemy, escape from dangerous situations or launch lethal attacks without the possibility of defense for the opponent.

Especially dangerous in desert areas as well as in shadowy zones like caves and catacombs, where they can attack without being seen.

In early stages they do not have a particularly high defensive power but they can run very fast for a few seconds.


Every GameAntz NFT is assigned with a random default weapon at the time of minting. This weapon will be always available in our P2E as it comes attached to the character and cannot get detached from it. Bare in mind that non NFT holders can also join our P2E but they will have to work their way to find attacking or defensive elements to continue their quest, while any NFT holder already count with several important boosts that will confere certain “competitive advantage” to their characters (this doesn´t mean they are immune to attacks so don´t get too confident and stay alert).

Let’s take a look at these default weapons:


Born from the forges at the fire heart on the Isle of Elon. This deadly grappling weapon can be used one-handed or two-handed to deliver deadly blows.

Its power increases with the damage power of the one who wields it and its speed depends on the attack power of its owner.

It can unleash firestorms in the hands of warriors of any nation.


Designed by the dark elves in the mountains of Varynia. One and two handed attack and a more than acceptable speed and damage power.

In expert claws, its thrust unleashes magical storms that are difficult to stop.

It is a sword that evolves rapidly along with its owner.


Forged just after the great cataclysm by the tormented souls of ancient human blacksmiths in the very catacombs of Enythria.

Wielded with one hand, it is a swift sword that can deliver venomous blows in the right claws. Running away from the brawl will not be enough if your poison resistance is not the best.


Engineered at the dunes of Gamerath by the fulkens (adorable creatures).

These weapons, wielded in pair, feature a x2 in attack speed over the boosts of your warrior.

They can inflinge a deadly combo that you are to discover.



The GameAntz Ecosystem features a staking dapp for your nfts. You can get up to 300% APY in addition to our token staking utility with the different multipliers that can be assigned attending to the rank of your minted warriors. In this way you can use your minted nfts to generate rewards in Antz straight to your wallet.

You can read more about this in our NFT STAKING section.



When we say you can “wear” your nft we really mean it. Any of your nfts will become a warrior with unique traits, boosts and weapons in Fate of Galandz, our MMOP2E and compete for glory against many as well as winning amazing prize pools in BUSD that increase with every ANTZ transaction on a daily basis as a percentage of our Game Dapp tax goes directly into them.

Read more about this in our upcoming FOG SECTION.


Easy to understand but hard to believe, 188 nfts out of our 4444 available for minting could feature a random buyback in BNB that any minter can be awarded with up to 15 BNB.

*You can also get your awarded buyback in ANTZ tokens.

Navigate through our NFT BUYBACK SECTION to learn more about this.